Welcome to the International Folk Dance Video Exchange

This is an Historic Page That lead to the IFDVL.ORG site

The purpose of this site is to promote International Folk Dancing through folk dance videos.

Find Video of individual dances in visual list format Click here

Currently, This site features videos posted to You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/royisdancing by me, Roy Butler.


Lynn and Tony's wedding

Other good folk dance video sites


Good site for dance videos. Things to remember when viewing the videos. Most of the videos are not of native dancers, but of folk dance groups.  The style and steps are reflection of that groups cultural variations and therefore, may be different than how the dance is danced in your area.


Another good video site. Make sure you checkout their folklore videos.

Contact me

Roy  patroy@ssctv.net

Roy and Patty Butler
Social Dances of the World
Sacramento International Folk Dance and Arts Council
Stockton Folk Dance Camp

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